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State Emblems Redesign Commission

Flag Submission Finalist


Flag Submission number: F1953

Designer Statement

In navy is the abstract shape of Minnesota. A white northern star represents our state's motto: L'etoile du Nord, meaning “star of the north”, and also represents a symbol of unity above a land of diversity. The three colors on the right signify important aspects to Minnesotan history and culture: the white stripe symbolizes snow; the green stripe represents the beauty of our nature and also the important role agriculture has played in our history; and the light blue stripe represents the significance of water to our state, each as the land of 10,000 lakes, the birth state of the Mississippi River, and the origins of Minnesota’s name –which came from the Dakota language– and translates to “a place of sky-tinted water.” Overall, I wanted the design to be very simple while also symbolizing the various important aspects of our history, cultures, and people.



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